The quick 1, 2 for fans and artists.

Who/What is Chk12?

Chk12 is a ticketed live stream video platform. Chk12 was created by musicians for musicians to cater to the unique challenges independent artists deal with on a day-to-day basis. Underline that with the nightmare situation created by COVID-19. Chk12 is a proprietary streaming service that helps musicians interact with digital audiences in new ways.

What’s so unique about Chk12?

Chk12 is a highly customizable professional broadcast tool. We are built to drive interaction based on your needs - whether they are fundraising shows for causes, ticketed shows, hosting Q&A’s with fans, selling merchandise, announcing a new album, or hosting multiple performances in one show - we have the tools to pull it off and we will work with you.

Who is Chk12 for?

Chk12 is built for musicians, performers, venues, promoters, and the community at large interested in raising funds.

How can I earn money?

Each show is case by case and we work with you to set up a ticket price that is designed to get the largest audience. You get 100% of the ticket gate minus credit card transaction and bandwidth fees (about 10%). On top of that 100% of Merch sales go directly to you - our interface directly links with your existing merch stores. And we have a built in a “support” mechanism that also goes directly to your gofundme (or patreon, venmo, paypal) accounts.

How does Chk12 earn money?

We add a service fee on top. Minimum $2.50 but maximum $5.00 using a percentage calculator to determine the amount. Audiences understand this method and are comfortable with it. They recognize this money allows us to keep the lights on.

Will audiences pay for pay for live streamed shows?

We understand that Pay-per-view is a new model, plus as musicians we understand the sensitivity and hesitancy around asking people to pay for a show online. It is clear that the pandemic has forced everyone to face a new reality. We don’t know how long this thing will last but the live music scene has been changed forever and we can’t expect artists to make livelihoods asking for tips. Yes, it feels weird to us to ask people to pay for a facebook live feed, or twitch feed because they don’t provide anything new. We are asking you to be creative with the new tools we’ve made available. We know those few pioneers who use the right tools will define what ‘live-streaming’ is and pave the way for ticketed performances. We believe audiences will be willing to go back to paying for the things they love and you deserve to be paid.

Why this makes sense for artists?

First off there’s no subscription cost or access fee. Our platform offers free access. Second is interactivity. We go WAY beyond just a chat window. Chat isn’t actually useful if you can’t communicate with your audience. We offer features like polls, trivia, raffles, and q&a through a moderator to provide true interaction. And thirdly, because we aren’t just a re-skin of current live-stream apps, we can offer useful analytics for you to further cater and customize each performance to your unique fans. We offer the right data for you to manage your outreach and keep your fan base engaged.

How do we pay you?

All ticketed transactions are secure and operate on a globally secure transaction platform. Money from ticket sales is collected buy us to then generate a payment to you within 30 days. We want to be as transparent with you as possible - and since we run on a proprietary platform we’re able to generate a lot of data. Currently it takes us a minute to crunch all of it and provide you the best dataset of your performance. We understand it’s weird playing in front of a computer - we want to make sure each show provides you with some valuable learning you can take with you. We’re working on decreasing the turn-around time for payment to you to about 5 days. Our Artists will be the first to know when that happens.

I’m not tech savvy - how can I setup for a livestream?

We don’t expect you to have all the tech answers or fancy gear. We will set up a consultation as part of our onboarding with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your equipment and get you ready for a show. Our team will coach you through setting up your location, that it’s appropriately lit and you’re looking your best. Our pre-production process also includes a pre-show sound and set check and we’ll be there running live production through the duration of your set. Since we’re a cloud based platform we can do all of this remotely. Right now that’s a good thing.

How do I sign up?

If you'd like to sign up for a show click on book a show and fill in your details and we’ll get back to you. If you have any burning questions or would like to hear us play some power chords shoot us an email at [email protected]