Artists for artists.

We believe in the power of community and art to manifest positive change.

Why we exist. Chk12 was created by musicians to support performing artists who had lost livelihoods due to Covid19. We exist to help both artists and audiences experience the exhilaration and magic of a live show in a digital medium. Something worth paying for. Something worth performing for.

What we believe - our mission. Born in a year of upheaval - we are a modern company that embraces the power of unity. We believe in taking a stand for causes that progress humanity. We strive to create a place that supports diversity and inclusion across every spectrum. Our mission is to be a place that creates the best live experiences for the digital space.

We’re here to bring back FOMO. In a digital world where everything is on-demand we believe that streaming live has the power to replicate the magic of physically ‘being there’ at the right time and right place.

We believe in supporting art and community. Our platform is built to unlock creative expression. A mix of live events, television and digital software, we encourage everyone on our platform to let their imaginations run wild. We, in turn, support them along every step to bring those ideas to life. We look to highlight not just individual artists but communities at large to be agents of positive change. Humanity has always progressed via human imagination first and our platform is designed to spur that.